Thistle Sunbeam is an elf from the wealthy port city of Cop’yovon. She is a cleric of Eluoan and travels the world, searching for peace and enlightenment. She joins Petunia’s quest, and the two quickly become friends.

Age: 16

Birthday: March 8

Race: Elf

Nationality: Cop'yovani

Employment: Cleric

"You know, I can teach you all about how to really live. Your people have almost got it right, traveling around like they do. I travel too. I usually stay in one place for a while until I get bored. Then I find somewhere else to go"


Interview with Thistle (Book 1)

What is your favorite thing to eat? Pineapple

What is your favorite thing to drink? Apple juice

What is your favorite color? Yellow

What is your favorite animal? Birds

Who is your best friend? Petunia Blossom

If you lived in the "real world," what car would you drive? Cars are unnecessary. I would walk or take a bike.

What is your favorite hobby? Um...I like to travel.

What is your secret talent? I'm actually pretty good at gardening

What are you bad at? Cooking

What is your favorite place you have been? So far, Edwinton in New Gantry

Are you an introvert or extrovert? Extrovert

What are you afraid of? Talking about my family

Is there anyone special in your life? I'm looking. I'm always looking