Petunia Blossom has spent seventeen years traveling in a caravan with her parents and a collection of wood elves. Shortly after her seventeenth birthday, however, she accidentally kills a baby dragon and becomes a celebrated hero. When tragedy strikes the village that hails her as hero, the town looks to her for help, and she sets off on an adventure.

Thistle Sunbeam is an elf from the wealthy port city of Cop’yovon. She is a cleric of Eluoan and travels the world, searching for peace and enlightenment. She joins Petunia’s quest, and the two quickly become friends.

Telven Reed is a human soldier in the king’s army. He returns home to Flemington on leave and learns of Petunia’s heroic act. When someone he cares about is hurt, he joins in Petunia’s search for answers and justice.

Julian Cuthbert is a human and arcane advisor to young King Elias. He is stoic and formal in nature and believes Petunia’s quest may be related to answers he is seeking.

Edrich Samwell is a librarian's apprentice with a large ego and a some amount of knowledge. He inserts himself into Petunia’s quest because he’s confident he can solve the mystery.

Remy l’Rosa is a half-elf who is always seeking his next big adventure. After circumstances bring them together, he joins Petunia’s quest, assisting and entertaining with his magic and music.