Book 1

A Girl with a Bow
Seventeen-year-old Petunia is shy, awkward, and insecure. She’s also a hero – by accident. When she unwittingly kills a baby dragon, she saves her caravan and the nearby city from the creature. Now, everyone hails her as a hero, and she feels like a fraud. When tragedy soon strikes the city, everyone turns to Petunia, their hero, to solve the problem. Petunia sets out on a journey to solve the mystery and find justice for the victims. With numerous challenges thrust upon her and danger at every turn, Petunia must quickly grow as a leader and hero. Eventually, she is confronted with a stunning revelation, which challenges her beliefs and forces her to determine who she really is.

Available July 2018

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Bonus Material:
Q&A with the Authors
Discussion Guide
Master Felix's Concise Guide to Ianath
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Recommended for ages 13-17

Content Warning: Violence

A Girl with a Bow (A Girl with a Bow #1)